Academic Standing

Academic Standards Board

The Office of Academic Standards and Academic Opportunities provides guidance and support to LSA undergraduates in the pursuit of their degrees. Working within Student Academic Affairs (SAA) alongside the general academic advisors in the Advising Center and the College faculty, academic standards advisors guide both students who encounter or anticipate academic difficulty and students who require special programmatic assistance during the course of their college career.  In their role as teachers and mentors, academic standards advisors help students master the art of succeeding in varied opportunities offered by the College.

Academic Standards Board advisors provide guidance and support to students who are encountering difficulty in making progress toward degree requirements.

The Academic Standards Board manages the academic discipline process each term, including judgments of probation, suspension, dismissal, and reinstatement. At the end of each term, the Board reviews records of students who show evidence of academic difficulty and determines the academic status of those students based on the policies described on the LSA Academics and Requirements website.

Grade Review — Summary

At the end of each term and half-term, the Academic Standards Board reviews the academic records of all LS&A students showing evidence of academic difficulty.

Why Honor Points Matter

Students are placed on academic probation if either the term grade point average or the cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0. If your cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 you have an Honor Point Deficit (HPD).

How to Compute an Honor Point Deficit

A deficit means that the GPA of the concentration, minor or cumulative average has fallen below the required minimum of 2.0.

Letter to Special Probation Students

You are now in a position that while not ideal can provide you with an opportunity to reflectively change the direction of your academic career here.

Getting Help: Academic Resources and Academic Probation

If you do find yourself struggling, click here for both helpful resources and information on academic probation.