Letter to Special Probation Students

Dear Special Probation Student,

You are now in a position that while not ideal can provide you with an opportunity to reflectively change the direction of your academic career here. In an effort to help you begin the process of turning this current trend in your academic life around, Members of the Academic Board have devised a plan that will benefit you in a variety of ways. First, we will work with you on a series of exercises designed to help you pinpoint the things that worked against your academic well being. Then they will help you figure out how to strengthen those skills or seek the assistance necessary to move forward in a more academically efficacious way. We hope this process will launch you toward future success here at UM. However, that will only be the case if you allow us to work with you beginning with these exercises.

Please make sure that you print out these sheets and bring them with you to the appointment where you will be discussing your Special Probation status with an Academic Standards Board member.

Special Probation Issues Exploration Form
What Do You Do with Your Time?
Why Honor Points Matter