Crafting Your Degree

You want to make sure that you experience everything possible during your time at U of M. You owe it to yourself, therefore,to spend time clearly defining your educational goals and developing a plan to achieve these goals.  From choosing the right major to finding the right extracurricular and off-campus experiences, making a plan will make sure that you achieve your goals.  

Follow the tips on this page for an overview of making long-term plans.  Then follow the links to the right for more detailed information.  

How Do I plan my Classes?

This is your education. You choose your major, your minor, and the classes you want to take to fulfill all the LSA Degree Requirements. In order to get the most out of your choices, it is important to plan out what classes you will take and when you will take them.

What requirements do I need to fulfill to graduate?

Your first step is to solidify your understanding the requirements for your degree.  This includes prerequisites and requirements for your majors and all the LSA degree requirements.  Once you understand all of these requirements, you can move on to planning your long-term and semester schedules.

How do I decide what classes to take each term?

Focus first on choosing classes for your major or to explore majors.  If you are undecided, you are best to take classes that might lead you to your major.  You will have plenty of time to fulfill the distribution classes after deciding on your major.

How can I fit off-campus study into my schedule?

Many students feel that the requirements for their major and the degree requirements make it too difficult to fit a semester studying outside of Ann Arbor into their plan.  This is not true.  Any student with any major can complete programs like Michigan in Washington, Semester in Detroit, and study abroad and easily graduate on time. Some majors might require a bit more planning than others but with planning it can be done.

Choosing your Major

Advice and tools for finding your major.

Your LSA Degree Requirements

Want to graduate on time? Make sure you understand the LSA Degree Requirements.

Strategizing Your Schedule

Tips for choosing your classes each semester.

Crafting Your Degree (PDF)