TAC Policies and Procedures


Requests for testing accommodations are initiated by the student. A student must meet with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) to obtain the necessary documentation for approved testing accommodations. SSD will provide the student with a Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations (VISA) form. A student should meet with his/her instructor during the first two weeks of a given academic term to discuss the need for testing accommodation.

Given that the Testing Accommodation Center has limited space available to meet the broad needs of students with disabilities who are enrolled in LSA courses, requests for accommodations at the Center must be approved in advance by the Center's coordinator. In most cases, the Center will provide space for test accommodations only in the event that the instructor or departmental staff cannot reasonably provide a testing accommodation as documented on a VISA form.

In the event the accommodation cannot be given in the classroom and/or the department, an instructor may submit a reservation request at the Testing Accommodation Center (TAC) Reservation Site. Requests for Test Accommodations may not necessarily result in a test reservation in the Testing Accommodation Center. The coordinator of the Center will determine on a space-available basis if a reservation can be secured at the TAC.


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