Release Forms:

FERPA Release Form

Students may use the online FERPA release form to authorize release of their advising record and related academic information to third parties.

Petitioning the Academic Standards Board:

Petitioning the Academic Standards Board (PDF)

Exceptions to college policies may be granted only upon written petition to the Academic Standards Board.


Mini Course Drop Form (PDF)

Use this form to drop mini courses that are 9 weeks or less. The deadline is day before the final exam.

Petition for an Exception to the Late Drop Deadline

Use this form after Period II, when the late drop period is over.

Petition for an Exception to the Late Add Deadline

During Period III Drop/Add, use this form to request a Late Add

Request for Term Withdrawal (PDF)

Students who wish to withdraw once classes have begun should contact the Academic Advising Center. Students who withdraw within the first drop/add period are assessed disenrollment and registration fees, but the registration...

Petition for Retroactive Course Drop (PDF)

Changes to the academic record after the fact are extremely rare and are only granted for extraordinary circumstances.

Petition for Retroactive Term Withdrawal (PDF)

Students who want a term withdrawal after the last day of classes must petition. There is a one-year deadline, and you must make a case that you were unable to complete the term and unable to request a withdrawal during the term.

Requirement Waivers/Substitutions Petitions:

Writing Requirements Substitutions/Exceptions

The Sweetland Center for Writing administers the College's Writing Requirements. Consult this page for information about special arrangements for the Writing Requirements.

Race & Ethnicity Requirement Substitution Petition (PDF)

Use this petition form to request a substitution to the R&E Requirement

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement Substitution Petition (PDF)

Use this petition form to request a substitution to the QR Requirement

Distribution Requirement Petition Form (PDF)

Follow the directions on this form to request a distribution substitution

Declaration/Degree Requirements:

Declaration Form for Degree Program/Concentrations/Academic Minors (PDF)

All students should submit a Degree Declaration Form indicating their intention to complete a degree program

IMP Cover Page (PDF)

Use this Cover Page for the IMP proposal

BGS Upper-Level Hour Worksheet (PDF)

Use this worksheet to assign BGS upper level credits to various SUBJECTs (no more than 20 credits in one SUBJECT)

Progress Toward Degree — Checklist for AB/BS/BGS (PDF)

Use this sheet with your academic advisor to track your progress on various college requirements

Application for the Joint Degree Program in Liberal Arts and Engineering (PDF)

Complete this form to apply for the Joint Degree Program in Liberal Arts and Engineering

Application for Individualized Joint Degree Programs (PDF)

Complete this form to apply for an Individualized Joint Degree Program. A student may be interested in a joint degree program with another school or college even if a joint degree program has not been officially established by the College.

Graduation Checklist for the Bachelor in General Studies (PDF)

BGS students can use this form to monitor their progress toward graduation


Application for Reactivation (PDF)

Students who have been absent from the College for more than two full years (24 months) apply for readmission by submitting this form.


Request for Modification of Credit Hours

This form is to be used if you are modifying a course within the credit hour range that is allowed for the course -OR- If you want to take a course for more credit hours than the course is allowed.

Petition for Late Modification of Credit Hours After 9th Week

Use this form after the late drop/add deadline to modify course credits.

Request for Audit Status (PDF)

Use this form if you are seeking to officially audit a course.

Application for Retro-Active Credits (PDF)

Use this form to apply for Language Retro-active credits if you have met the guidelines

Incomplete, Time Extension for (PDF)

Use this form if you have an incomplete and extenuating circumstances cause you to need an extension beyond the deadline.

Recommendation Forms:

Dean's Recommendation Form (PDF)

Professional schools or professional associations, as well as prospective employers may require Dean's Recommendation forms. The forms usually say something like: "To be filled out by college dean or official."