How To Repeat a Course

Repetition of a course that varies in content from term to term is permitted only under certain conditions 

Any course that you have previously completed, regardless of the grade you received the first time, is considered a repeat. You elect a repeat through Wolverine Access, just like any other new course election.

In general, you can not receive credit for the same course twice, unless the content of the course changes from term to term and the course listing specifically says: "May be repeated for credit with permission." Thus if you repeat a course that you have previously completed with a grade of 'D-' or above, then the second election won't count as hours earned toward graduation.

If you want to repeat a course that you have failed, or you just want to repeat to improve your grade, you should know that the original grade remains on your transcript and does not get revised or averaged. The new grade appears as a separate entry under the new term of election. 

Read the Policy on Repetition 

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