Common Pass/Fail Questions

What grade do I need to pass a Pass/Fail course?
Unlike a graded course, in which a "D-" is considered passing, you must receive a "C-" or above to pass, and receive credit for, a course elected Pass/Fail.

Can I take a language course Pass/Fail?
Yes. However, you must elect the final course in a language sequence used to meet the language requirement on a graded basis, and you must receive at least a C-.

Can I take a course in my concentration Pass/Fail?
Generally, no. However, your concentration advisor can make exceptions in the case of courses that you took before you declared the concentration.

Can I take a course in my academic minor Pass/Fail?

Is there any limit on how many Pass/Fail courses I can take?
Yes. You are allowed up to 30 credits of Pass/Fail elections within the 120 credits needed to graduate. Credits transferred in from another institution are not considered Pass/Fail, even though their grades do not appear on your UM transcript, unless you elected them Pass/Fail at the other institution.

Does my instructor know whether I've elected the course Pass/Fail?
Not unless you tell him/her. Your instructor submits a regular letter-grade to the Registrar at the end of the term, which the Registrar then converts to either a P or an F.

Can I make the letter-grades show up on my transcript after I graduate?
Yes. You may make a request to the Registrar to "reveal" the original letter grades behind your P's and F's. These grades still won't affect your GPA, but they will appear for viewers of your transcript to see. Unfortunately, you can't do this selectively for some of your P/F courses and not others. It's all or none.

Note: This information is intended as a rough guide only. For more details, special cases or unusual circumstances, consult an academic advisor or the Official Policy on Non-Graded Courses.