Students wanting to request a drop of a class from a previously completed term may do so by petitioning the Academic Standards Board.  While the Board rarely grants retroactive drops of individual courses, students whose situation meets the following criteria should consult with a Board member (734.764.0332) about the possibility of the drop:

  • Something non-academic and unexpected occurred after 9th week drop deadline of the term that impeded completion of course.
  • Student must provide documentation of the event to verify the date of its occurrence and its severity.
  • Student had been passing the class up to the occurrence of the event which had to occur after the late drop deadline.
  • Instructor must describe the student’s performance in the course including the grades and the dates of exams and assignments.
  • Instructor must verify that the student did not take the final/finish the final project.
  • The instructor must verify that the student did not ask for an incomplete.
  • Student must explain why the event affected that course and not the others.

You must meet with a Board member before you submit the petition.  Please include a copy of the petition cover sheet with your written statement.  Students may make requests for retroactive drops no later than one year past the end of the term of the course in question.  Because this petition requires documentation and statements from the course instructors, it is best to write the petition sooner rather than later. 

Describing the chronology (with exact dates) of the event(s) which affected your completion of the course(s) is crucial to the strength of your petition.  The documentation you provide should verify the occurrence and severity of the event(s).  The Board is unlikely to grant a request for a retroactive drop without clear documentation, and will not grant a request that does not meet the above criteria.