Retroactive term withdrawals are rarely granted.  If you feel you have extraordinary circumstances that warrant an exception, make an appointment with a Board member by calling 734-764-0332.  The Board member will review your situation and the petition guidelines with you.  You must have this appointment before you can submit a petition.  Your petition must include a completed petition cover sheet, an instructor statement for each class, and documentation of the extenuating circumstances.  You must make a case that you were unable to finish your classes and present a compelling reason why you were not able to request a withdrawal during the term.  Non-attendance alone is not sufficient.

Note that there is a ONE-YEAR time limit for these requests.  It's to your advantage to begin the petition process as soon as possible.  Be sure to review the Pre-Submission checklist to learn about the possible implications of a retroactive withdrawal.  See the petition cover sheet for additional details and instructions.

In most cases students will be notified of a decision within 7 to 10 business days of submitting the petition.