Frequently Asked Questions about Incomplete ("I") Grades

Does the 'I' grade on my transcript go away when I finish the work?
No. The 'I' remains for posterity, alongside the new grade. The new grade counts normally towards your GPA, however.

I want to sit in on the class during the following term. Can my instructor extend the allotted time to finish the incomplete work beyond 4 weeks?
No. Your instructor does not have the authority to do this. Only the Academic Standards Board can approve extensions of the deadline. You must file a petition in 1255 Angell Hall. Since an 'I' grade is not intended to allow you to "retake" the course, such petitions are usually denied.

My professor refuses to give me an Incomplete because I'm failing the course up to now. Can she do that?
Yes. In fact, the LSA grading guidelines specifically state that an 'I' is only allowed if you have already completed "most" of the work in the course with a grade of 'C-' or better.

Does an 'I' on my transcript look really bad if I am applying to graduate schools?
One or even two completed 'I's probably won't make much of a difference. If you have a large number, however, your record does start to look troublesome. Graduate schools, like employers, like to know that you can meet deadlines, and finish what you take on in a timely manner.


Note: This information is intended as a rough guide only. For more details, special cases or unusual circumstances, consult an academic advisor.