You may petition for a distribution exception if you feel that a course you've taken is appropriate for distribution, but it does not currently have a designation.  The Academic Standards Board does not overturn or change existing designations.  (For example if it's already labeled as HU, we would not consider a request to use it for SS.).

To have your petition reviewed, you must submit ALL of the following:

  1. A completed Distribution Petition Cover Sheet and Instructor Comment Form
  2. Your argument explaining how the course meets the College's criteria.  "I need this to graduate" is not a valid argument.  Keep your focus on the College's guidelines and be specific in explaining how you feel the course meets those criteria.
  3. A detailed course description.  (You may copy and paste from the LSA Course Guide if there is a detailed description there.)
  4. A course syllabus.

The Distribution Exception Committee meets approximately every 3 weeks.  If you need a decision by a certain date, it's best to submit your petition at least a month before that date. 

Distribution Requirement Petition Form (PDF)

Area Distribution Definitions

Area Distribution Guidelines