All students are required to complete a course or combination of courses (for 3 or more credits), which satisfies the QR requirement. A student may petition the Academic Standards Board to be allowed to satisfy the QR requirement with a class that was either taken at another institution or that was taken in another college or school in the University.

It is important to stress that quantitative reasoning is first and foremost reasoning. It is not mathematical manipulation or computation but rather the logical process required to make useful judgments based on quantitative information It involves defining a problem, determining how to solve it, deducing consequences, formulating alternatives and predicting outcomes. It must also include some aspect that is quantitative involving numerical or geometrical representation of real world phenomena. Quantitative reasoning is the methodology used to process and analyze quantitative information to make decisions, judgments and predictions.

To request a substitution, you must submit a petition to the Academic Standards Board. The petition is an argument explaining how the course you wish to substitute for a course on the established LSA list will meet the above criteria. You must include copies of your examinations and quizzes. A syllabus, course text or letter from the instructor will not be considered as substitutes for the actual work done for the class. Petitions and all supporting documentation should be sent to the Advising Center in 1255 Angell Hall. (734-764-0332)

You will be notified by e-mail when a decision regarding your petition has been reached.

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement Substitution Petition (PDF)
Use this petition form to request a substitution to the QR Requirement