Special Arrangements for First-Year Writing Requirement

Transfer students who have taken a writing course at another college or university may be able to use that course to satisfy the First-Year Writing Requirement. Transfer students should consult the list of approved courses from other schools, as well as the list of courses that are not approved, to see whether the course satisfies the First-Year Writing Requirement at UM.

If your school or course is not listed on either the approved or not approved list, and you wish to have it considered for First-Year Writing Requirement credit, you will need to fill out the "Petition for Transfer Course Credit" form.

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Thesis Intent form for ULWR (PDF)

If you are intending to use your thesis to fulfill the upper level writing requirement and the thesis course is not designated as ULWR, you must submit an Honors Thesis Intent Form for the ULWR.

Individual Arrangement Petition (Word document)

Students who have a minimum of 100 completed credits and want to take a non-approved course to satisfy their ULWR can consult with an instructor, fill out an Individual Arrangement Petition, and submit it to SWC.