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BEAR RIVER 2015: MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 2015

Dear Bear River Enthusiasts,

Although our website is no longer brand new, we have made some additions and changes in some pages. Please browse through and acquaint yourselves with the website.

For new writers to Bear River, PAST FACULTY AND WORKSHOPS will give you an idea of what the conference generally has offered in the past in terms of genres and writing ideas. Bear River is dedicated to producing new work at the workshops – work that you can take back home with you and to have to pursue publication.

All you need to register for the conference is in the area called HOW TO REGISTER -- Workshop Descriptions, Registration form and information, and current schedule.

Look at the SCHOLARSHIPS area if you want to apply for a 2015 scholarship.

Under FINISHED WORK, you will find our Bear River Reviews, past and present and information on how to order copies.

Find email, telephone and fax information in the CONTACT US area.

Under NEWS, You will find links to articles in Poets & Writers Magazine and Traverse Magazine.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our conference email is beariver@umich.edu.

The Bear River Conference Staff