Past Faculty and Workshops

Some Past Workshop Leaders and Special Guests

Charles Baxter
Anne Carson
Elizabeth Cox
Jim Daniels
Peter Ho Davies
Jerry Dennis
Lorna Goodison
Linda Gregerson
Donald Hall
Patricia Hampl
Robert Hass
Amy Hempel
Bob Hicok
Jane Hirshfield
Marie Howe
Laura Kasischke
Dorianne Laux
Phillip Lopate

Workshop leader conferring with writers

      Brett Lott
      Thomas Lynch
      Richard McCann
      Antonya Nelson
     Anne-Marie Oomen

Eileen Pollack
Jack Ridl
Richard Russo
Sue William Silverman
Richard Tillinghast


Some Past Workshop Titles

Adventures in Essaying
Creative Nonfiction
Fiction and History
Inviting Unforeseeable Energies
Landscapes of Poetry
Nature Writing
Poetry in Performance
Poetic "Yield"
Prose Poem/Very Short Story
The Researched Imagination
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Stepping into the Scene
The Wild and the Cultured
Working with the Spirit of Place
Writers Behaving Badly
Cinematic Moments
Life Stories

Writers reviewing their work