INTLSTD 401 - International Studies Advanced Seminar
Section: 101 Establishing Peace: The Actors, Issues, and Activities in Postwar Politics
Term: SP 2018
Subject: International Studies (INTLSTD)
Department: LSA II: International and Comparative Studies
Enforced Prerequisites:
Junior standing or above.
May be elected twice for credit.
Primary Instructor:

Establishing peace involves more than just ending hostilities. This course will examine how former opponents and third-parties interact as they attempt to transition from war to peace. In the shadow of a recent conflict, former opponents must grapple with a variety of contentious political, social, and economic issues. Dozens of actors will engage in complex (and sometimes counterproductive) activities to address the consequences of a conflict. The first part of this course addresses the construction of peace, which occurs as an intermediate phase between open hostilities and pacific relations. In this stage, actors with competing beliefs and interests will likely disagree on the alternate designs for building a lasting peace. The second part of this course will turn toward the substantive issues and activities that these actors will confront when rebuilding a state. In response to the end of hostilities, former opponents may:

  • negotiate and implement treaties,
  • engage in regime change and democratization,
  • pursue disarmament and demilitarization,
  • establish war crimes tribunals,
  • assist migrants and refugees, and/or
  • provide for public health, the distribution of aid, and economic reconstruction in the war-torn territory.

    Examples considered will include Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Cambodia. In this course, students will critically assess these often competing demands, arriving at a broad and deep understanding of the theoretical and policy implications involved in the production of peace and the reconstruction of a country.

  • INTLSTD 401 - International Studies Advanced Seminar
    Schedule Listing
    101 (SEM)
    MTuWTh 2:30PM - 4:00PM
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