LSA Course Guide - Open ASTRO Classes

Last updated on: 7/24/2016 7:46:01 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
10791 101Intro Solar System001LEC2  1:00PM 2:00PMM W F 
10795 P 101Intro Solar System005DIS2  2:00PM 3:00PM   TH 5180B AH
10796 101Intro Solar System006LEC71  2:00PM 3:00PMM W F 
19095 P 101Intro Solar System007DIS20  1:00PM 2:00PM T   5180B AH
20118 P 101Intro Solar System008DIS12 12:00PM 1:00PM    F5180B AH
10797 P 101Intro Solar System009DIS21 11:00AM12:00PM   TH 5180B AH
19096 P 101Intro Solar System010DIS18  2:00PM 3:00PM T   5180B AH
10801 102Stars & Universe006LEC35  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH  
10802 P 102Stars & Universe007DIS9 10:00AM11:00AM  W  5179 AH
19101 P 102Stars & Universe008DIS7  1:00PM 2:00PM T   5179 AH
20119 P 102Stars & Universe009DIS15  1:00PM 2:00PM   TH 5179 AH
21202 P 102Stars & Universe010DIS4  4:00PM 5:00PM T   5179 AH
25493 P 104Alien Skies001LEC56  3:00PM 4:00PMM W F 
22400 P 106Aliens001LEC55 10:00AM11:00AM    F 
22401 P 115Intro Astrobiology001LEC75 10:00AM11:30AM T TH AUD C AH
30277 P 120Astro Front001SEM8  1:00PM 2:00PMM W F5180B AH
30285 P 120Astro Front002SEM10  2:00PM 3:00PMM W F5180B AH
20078 P 142Big Bang001LEC58 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH  
31297 P 183Intro Space Weather001LEC10 10:30AM12:00PM T TH  
10807 201Intro Astrophysics001LEC3  1:00PM 2:00PMM W F1068 EH
10809 P 201Intro Astrophysics003LAB2  7:00PM 9:00PM T   5180B AH
22183 P 220Astro Discoveries001SEM24  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH 2009RUTHVEN
23687 P 255Earth Space Science001LEC5  4:00PM 5:30PM T TH 2520 CCL
27570 P 300History of Cosmology001LEC26  2:30PM 4:00PMM W  2336 MH
22184 P 305Astro in Community001SEM12 ARRARR      
10811 P 402Stellar Astr001LEC11 10:00AM11:30AM T TH 4153 USB
27156 P 406Comp Astro001LEC6  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH  
23180 P 420Adv Ast Discoveries001SEM9  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH 2009RUTHVEN
30270 P 533Str&Cont of Galax001LEC7  2:30PM 4:00PMM W   
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.