LSA Course Guide - Open UC Classes

Last updated on: 12/12/2018 7:46:19 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
16237 P 101Sea Pwr&Mar Affairs001LEC14  8:30AM 9:30AM T TH 2011 MLB
16238 P 101Sea Pwr&Mar Affairs002LEC1  1:00PM 2:00PM T TH 2011 MLB
16239 101Sea Pwr&Mar Affairs003LAB15  3:30PM 5:30PM T    
23408 109Prog, Info & People001LEC55WL: 5* 1:00PM 2:30PM  W   
23410 P 109Prog, Info & People003DIS1WL: 1* 4:00PM 5:30PM T TH  
23775 P 109Prog, Info & People005DIS12  7:00PM 8:30PMM W   
24306 P 109Prog, Info & People006DIS14  5:30PM 7:00PM T TH B111 MLB
24307 P 109Prog, Info & People007DIS12  5:30PM 7:00PM T TH 2114 MLB
29044 P 109Prog, Info & People011DIS14  8:30AM10:00AMM W   
29258 P 109Prog, Info & People013DIS1 10:00AM11:30AMM W  G228 AH
16456 110Intr to Info Studies001LEC4WL: 26* 2:30PM 4:00PMM W  AUD B AH
19886 P 110Intr to Info Studies005DIS1WL: 2*11:00AM12:00PM   TH  
22516 P 110Intr to Info Studies006DIS1WL: 3* 4:00PM 5:00PM  W   
22829 P 110Intr to Info Studies008DIS2WL: 5* 6:00PM 7:00PM  W  B103 MLB
13730 P 202US Aviat Hist Dev II001LEC15 11:00AM12:00PM   TH  
36235 P 202Tm&Ldrshp Basic II001LEC20 11:00AM12:00PM   TH  
36236 P 202Tm&Ldrshp Basic II002LEC20 10:00AM11:00AM T    
13731 P 202US Aviat Hist Dev II002LEC20 10:00AM11:00AM T   1437 MH
13732 202US Aviat Hist Dev II003LAB50  6:00AM 8:00AM   TH 1300 CHEM
36237 202Tm&Ldrshp Basic II003LAB65  6:00AM 8:00AM   TH  
18095 P 204Leadership Environs001LEC8  8:00AM10:00AM   TH 1624 CHEM
18097 204Leadership Environs003LAB28  4:00PM 6:00PM   TH  
36110 P 252Sophomore Seminar NS001LEC7  8:30AM10:00AMM W  4153 USB
26620 P 270UC Special Topics011LEC1WL: 10*11:30AM 1:00PMM W   
18043 P 302Lead Small Org II001LEC10  8:00AM10:00AM T   1624 CHEM
18935 302Lead Small Org II003LAB44  4:00PM 6:00PM   TH  
31530 P 380Resrch Communication001SEM120 ARRARR      
22319 P 390Disc Lang St002REC25 ARRARR      
21548 P 390Disc Lang St003REC25 ARRARR      
13728 P 402Mil Prof&Ethics001LEC12  8:00AM10:00AM   TH 1185 NQ
22491 402Mil Prof&Ethics003LAB72  4:00PM 6:00PM   TH  
17910 P 403Leadership&Ethics001SEM18  8:30AM10:00AMM W   
21281 P 403Leadership&Ethics003SEM16  1:00PM 2:30PMM W   
17911 403Leadership&Ethics004LAB34  3:30PM 5:30PM T    
30916 P 410Evol Warfare001LEC12  8:30AM10:00AM T TH G026 TISCH
18066 P 500Biomd Eng Sem001LEC38  4:00PM 5:00PM   TH  
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.