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The University of Michigan School of Social Work is a community of internationally recognized faculty, gifted students, and dedicated alumni who share a common objective: to create social change and promote social justice through excellence in research, education, and practice. Consistently ranked among the top schools of social work in the nation, the School of Social Work has a master of social work program that is held in the highest regard by educators and professionals in the field.

Courses in Social Work

Courses in the School of Social Work are listed in the Schedule of Classes under the School of Social Work. Undergraduates wishing further information about course offerings should contact the School of Social Work.

Community Action and Social Change (CASC) Academic Minor

This multidisciplinary academic minor is a collaboration between the School of Social Work, the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, the Program in American Culture, Psychology, Sociology, and the Program in Intergroup Relations, the Residential College and the Michigan Community Scholars Program.

The CASC academic minor uses critical structural thinking to engage students in analyzing types, levels and sources of power to better understand how inequities are manifested, maintained and reinforced in society and how these inequities can be addressed through community action and social change efforts.

Waitlist Policy for the School of Social Work

If you encounter a closed Social Work class the only way to potentially gain entry to the course is via the Closed Course Petition form There are deadlines for doing this so be sure to open the form and note the relevant deadlines. No wait-listing is maintained in the School of Social Work. Encountering a Social Work class that is restricted in some way and as a result is preventing your enrollment will also require you to submit a closed course petition if you wish to be considered for possible admission to the class.

Winter Registration for SW 305 and SW 401

Are you a graduating senior who still needs to take SW 401 or SW 305?
You must fill out this form no later than November 8th indicating what section of SW 305 and/or SW 401 you would like to register for. If you have uncertainties in your course schedule and are unable to commit to a section before November 8th, email Alice at to determine the best registration process for you.

Are you a junior who needs to take SW 305 and would like to register for the Winter 2014 term?
You must fill out this form no later than November 22nd indicating which section you would like to enroll in. All seats are by permission of department only.

Are you a first or second year student who wants to take SW305?
Sit tight, we'll need to process senior and junior registrations before opening up spots for first and second year students. If you have extenuating circumstances that require you to take SW 305 during the Winter 2014 Academic Term, please indicate those here. All seats are by permission of department only.

****PLEASE NOTE: Indicating a preferred section for SW 305 and SW 401 does NOT guarantee permission to register for that section. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. Course permissions will not be granted until late November.*****

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