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Courses in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department has three types of courses available for students starting out toward careers in any of the sciences, engineering, or medicine. Students are placed into these courses according to the results of the tests in chemistry and mathematics that they take during orientation.

For students interested in the sciences, engineering or medicine, either CHEM 130 or CHEM 210/211 can be their starting point. Students who have had a strong course in high school (which may include AP credit in chemistry) are advised to start in CHEM 210 and 211, the laboratory course that accompanies it. CHEM 130 is recommended for all other students. Section 400 of CHEM 130 is reserved for students who would benefit from a smaller lecture section and more frequent contact with both senior faculty and teaching assistants.

Students who have had little or no laboratory work in high school should plan to elect CHEM 125/126 with CHEM 130. Other students electing CHEM 130 may postpone laboratory to a subsequent term.

Special Departmental Policies

The department strongly recommends that a student earn a grade of at least C– in all CHEM courses and mathematics, physics, and biology courses that are prerequisite for subsequent elections. A major program grade point average of at least 2.0 is required; this includes chemistry courses, mathematics, physics, and biology prerequisites, and advanced electives that are part of a major plan. Prerequisites must be taken for a grade.

Laboratory Check-in

Check into labs on the first day they are scheduled. You must take a print-out of your class schedule to Lab Check-in. If you fail to appear, your space may be given to a waitlisted student without further notice and you are at risk of not being able to take that course for the academic term, if all sections become full.

Waitlist Policies

The Waitlist Policy for CHEM courses is posted on the Chemistry Department website:

CHEM Laboratories Waitlist Instructions

If a laboratory section is full, join the waitlist through Wolverine Access backpack/registration as soon as possible. Electronic permissions will be issued prior to the beginning of classes as space becomes available; students will be notified via email of the opportunity to enroll. All enrollment permissions are of limited duration and if a student fails to enroll by the expiration date, the student will automatically be dropped from the class waitlist. Students should check their University of Michigan email often and register for the class as soon as they receive the permission.

Lab sections are often in high demand, with a limited number of workstations available; it is recommended to enroll/waitlist for CHEM lab courses as soon as possible.

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