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Courses in Physics

Introductory Physics

The Physics Department offers three introductory course sequences:

  • BIOPHYS/PHYSICS 150/250: Fundamental Physics for the Life Sciences I and II (lab courses BIOPHYS/PHYSICS 151/251).
  • PHYSICS 140/240: General Physics I and II (lab courses PHYSICS 141/241)
  • PHYSICS 160/260: Honors Physics I and II (lab courses PHYSICS 161/261)

While these sequences can be mixed (e.g., PHYSICS 140 with BIOPHYS/PHYSICS 250), the department strongly encourages students to pursue both terms of a single sequence.

Prior to Fall 2021, the introductory sequence recommended for life-sciences students was PHYSICS 135/235. Beginning in Fall 2021, the department will no longer offer those courses and have replaced them with BIOPHYS/PHYSICS 150/250. Students who were previously enrolled in PHYSICS 135 and have yet to complete the sequence should enroll in PHYSICS 250.

Students with strong high school physics backgrounds are encouraged to take the Honors physics sequence. This sequence takes a thoroughly modern approach to introductory physics. PHYSICS 160/260 is an excellent preparation for students interested in any science major, especially a major in physics. Students do not need to be LSA Honors Program members to enroll in PHYSICS 160/260.

Prospective physical science majors and engineering students should elect PHYSICS 140/240. Pre-health and life science students should elect BIOPHYS/PHYSICS 150/250.

Students who have had less mathematics preparation, especially those who have not taken calculus, should consider enrolling in PHYSICS 115: Principles of Physics before attempting one of the above-described sequences.

Department of Physics Waitlist Policy

All PHYSICS courses, except PHYSICS 390 and PHYSICS 391 (see below), utilize the electronic waitlist on Wolverine Access. When a seat becomes available in a class that was previously full, overrides will be issued at the discretion of the department or instructor, typically in the order that students joined the waitlist, although in some cases class standing or other factors will also be taken into account. Students will have at least 48 hours to register for a course once an electronic permission is issued to them.

Special Note about PHYSICS 390/391

Electronic waitlists do not function with co-requisites, so PHYSICS 390 and PHYSICS 391 do not have Wolverine Access waitlists. Students who are unable to find a seat in PHYSICS 391 may email to be added to a department-maintained waitlist. In the email, students should include their UMID number with one lab section number that works with their schedule. The “paper” waitlist will function in the same manner as Wolverine Access waitlists:

  • Only students who are not already enrolled in the course will be able to join the waitlist.
  • Students may be on the waitlist for only one section at a time.
  • Students will be removed from the waitlist after an electronic permission is issued.

Class Instruction Mode