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Courses in Psychology

Undergraduate courses in psychology give students an opportunity to learn what research has shown about how behavior is motivated; how people perceive, learn, and think; how individuals differ from one another; how personality develops from infancy to maturity and is expressed by behavior; and how interpersonal factors affect human relationships in the home, on the job, and in the community.

We offer two majors:

  • Psychology
  • Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN)

To determine how a Psychology course will count for a Psychology or BCN major, see the “Course Offering” charts for a specific academic term.

To help majors focus their studies around a particular set of interests and see how those interests translate into careers, we offer Curriculum and Career Guides.

Psychology Waitlist Procedure

If a Psychology course becomes full, students are strongly encouraged to use the waitlist. Overrides will be issued as seats become available for a given course, prioritized by a combination of the student’s major, class level, and their order on the waitlist. Being on a waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the class.

If an override is granted, students will receive an email notification so they may register for the course prior to the stated expiration date. The Registrar’s Office will clear waitlists of students’ names with expired overrides.

All sections of courses meet from the first day of classes, even if the discussion or lab section is scheduled before the first lecture.

It is critical that students attend classes from the beginning of the term. Even though students are registered officially for a course, the department may request that they be disenrolled if they do not attend initial classes.

Some instructors will choose to close the class on the first day of the term so that all enrollment requires permission. If the enrollment has not reached the posted maximum, instructors will have a process for admitting students who have been attending class.

Questions about enrollment and permissions? Visit these resources on the Psychology Department’s website:

Class Instruction Mode