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Courses in International Studies

Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS):

For more information regarding the International Studies major or minor, please visit

Prerequisites to Declare the Major:

  • INTLSTD 101 completed with a final grade of C- or better
  • Students declaring the Political Economy and Development sub-plan must complete ECON 101 with a final grade of C or better
  • Students must have started or completed 4th-term language proficiency (6th-term language proficiency is a requirement for the major and minor)

INTLSTD 301 and 401 Enrollment Policy:

Seats in INTLSTD 301 and 401 are reserved for declared International Studies students. The courses will not be opened up to other students until newly declared International Studies students have a chance to enroll.

Students must be declared as International Studies students in order to enroll in the major’s core courses: INTLSTD 301 and 401. Students wishing to declare the International Studies major may do so after their final grade for INTLSTD 101 is posted to their transcript.

Students currently enrolled in INTLSTD 101 may complete the PICS Declaration Form and send it to Major declaration forms are available on the website at

Waitlist Policy for INTLSTD Classes:

Students are strongly encouraged to use the waitlist for any closed INTLSTD course. Students should remember that for cross-listed courses and for courses belonging to other departments, their waitlist position as seen on Wolverine Access is relative to the unit under which they are enrolled and questions should be directed to the course’s relative host department. For questions regarding the waitlist and override policy for INTLSTD classes, please email

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