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Research reveals that volunteer community service can positively affect students; personal and interpersonal development; facilitate cultural and racial understanding; increase awareness of and commitment to social responsibility; and even contribute to improved academic performance. This page offers several ways to volunteer your time, service, and intellect in and around your community, during and after your undergraduate education.

Local, national and international service organizations provide a wide range of opportunities to work toward improved social justice and welfare. During your undergraduate career, you might look for volunteer opportunities through local and state service organizations, or try searching for nearby opportunities though national organizations and volunteer search engines. There are also national and international volunteer and internship opportunities to think about after graduation.

This page also has links to various non-profit, volunteer, and political organizations that give you up-to-date information on issues of concern; help you understand your own limitations and biases so you can work more effectively with communities; provide forums for grappling with civic issues through in-person and online dialogue; and provide training, resources, support and opportunities for civic action.

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Local Service Organizations

Michigan Service Organizations

National Service Organizations

In addition to providing information about the organizations, many of these websites provide links to local chapters and events so you can volunteer close to home.

International Service Organizations

Opportunities for Children and Families

Browse and Search for Opportunities

Areas of Interest

Promoting Tolerance, Honoring Diversity

Educating Our Future

Encouraging Democratic Discourse

Protecting Our Environment