Masters of Applied Economics (MAE)

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This degree program is designed for students who wish to apply the theory and techniques of economics to the analysis of practical problems in a variety of fields.  Unlike the Master of Arts Degree in Economics, the MAE is NOT an intermediate step to the Ph.D. 

The MAE program addresses itself to the needs of three kinds of students: (1) those who want advanced training in economics in order to qualify for jobs in government or private organizations that require greater expertise than is provided by an undergraduate degree, (2) those who wish to study economics as a complement to their work in another field, and (3) those who wish to strengthen their background in economics, math, or statistics, or who need to certify their ability to do graduate work in economics. For the second group, dual programs, including in some cases dual degrees, can combine economics with public health, social work, law, natural resources, demography, industrial relations, statistics, business administration, and other fields.

Applicants to this program should have completed intermediate micro- and macroeconomic theory courses as well as courses in calculus and introductory statistics.

The degree is earned in a minimum of three terms and requires 33 hours of graduate course work.  The course sequence for the degree normally includes two core theory courses, usually Economics 501 and 502, three courses covering some aspect of quantitative methods used in economics, usually including Economics 500, 503 and 504, three courses in two different applied fields in economics, and three courses in related fields of the student's choosing.  The student's overall program is chosen in consultation with the Director of the MAE program.

No thesis is required and there are no examinations other than the course examinations.

The MAE program offers admission for the fall term only.  The deadline for application is January 15.  There is no financial support available from the department for students in the MAE program.  Information about the application procedures and requirements are the same as outlined earlier for the doctoral program.