Economics 299: Undergraduate Internship

Internship credit is available only for declared Economics Concentrators

Economics 299 allows economics concentrators to receive credit (1 credit only) for a full-time internship of at least 8 weeks or the equivalent (at least 320 hours) in part-time work in an approved job or internship position that enriches the student's academic experience and/or allows the student to explore careers related to his/her academic studies. To receive the credit, students must obtain approval for the proposed job or internship experience from an economics concentration advisor and must submit a letter on company letterhead from the job or internship supervisor confirming the satisfactory completion of the work described in the internship application.

Economics 299 MAY NOT be used to satisfy economics elective credits for an economics concentration.  Internship credit is offered mandatory credit/no credit.  A student normally enrolls for Econ 299 during the Fall Term, after satisfactory completion of the summer internship.

Economics 299 is available only for declared economics concentrators with permission of an Economics Concentration Advisor.  

ECON 299 Application