Gail L. McCormick

Gail McCormick

(B.S. Biology/EEB concentration 2010, B.T.A. Theatre Arts)

Gail McCormick is a Ph.D. candidate in the ecology program at Penn State. She also has an unusual artistic flair for paper cutting and all things paper.

According to a blog post on All Things Paper by Ann Martin, McCormick began making collage-like birthday cards while in college and was hooked. This led to more complex designs. “I think it's pretty incredible Gail can capture so much expression by layering cut pieces of paper,” writes Martin.

You can see McCormick’s artwork on her website Gail McCormick | Paper Cutting  including birds, animals, people, mandalas and even super heroes! Read Ann Martin’s blog post.

Elephant paper cut by Gail McCormick