Margaret Gray Towne

Margaret Towne

Margaret Towne

We were happy to hear from Margaret Gray Towne (B.S. Biology 1961, M.S. Biology 1962) in response to a recent enewsletter. “I was a tour guide in the Museum of Natural History from 1958-1962 and worked for Dr. Henry van der Schalie in the Mollusk Division during those same years. He really influenced me. I received two degrees in biology from the University of Michigan and got my doctorate from the Montana State University,” she wrote.

Towne’s dissertation was titled:  “The Influence of Critical Thinking on Christians Belief and Belief Change with Reference to the Polarities of Creationism and Organic Evolution.” She wrote a book: Honest to Genesis: A Biblical and Scientific Challenge to Creationism. Towne also attended Princeton Theological Seminary and has taught biology and courses on reasoning and critical thinking over the years at many universities. 

She is retired now. “The University of Michigan meant soooo much to me. It is GREAT to read about all that is going on in the EEB department.” 

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