Faculty Accepting Students

Name Research interests E-mail
Faculty with primary EEB appointments (can be sole advisor)
Badgley, Catherine Paleoecology, biogeography, agriculture cbadgley@umich.edu
Baucom, Gina
Plant evolution and ecological genomics, agriculture rsbaucom@umich.edu
Berry, Paul E. Plant systematics, phytogeography, floristics and bioinformatics peberry@umich.edu
Burnham, Robyn Tropical plant ecology and systematics rburnham@umich.edu
Cortés Ortiz, Liliana Primate evolution, phylogenetics and speciation lcortes@umich.edu
Denef, Vincent
Freshwater microbial evolutionary ecology, community and population genomics vdenef@umich.edu
Denver, Robert Evolutionary developmental biology and physiology rdenver@umich.edu
Dick, Christopher Tropical ecology and evolution, population genetics, biogeography and forest history cwdick@umich.edu
Duda, Thomas Evolutionary biology of molluscs tfduda@umich.edu
Duffy, Meghan
Evolutionary ecology, disease ecology, host-parasite duffymeg@umich.edu
Dunlap, Paul Microbial symbiosis and phylogenetics pvdunlap@umich.edu
Goldberg, Deborah Community ecology and plant ecology degold@umich.edu
Harris, Nyeema Conservation biology, wildlife ecology, biogeography, community ecology, population ecology, host-parasite interactions, global change biology nyeema@umich.edu
James, Timothy Evolution of fungi, mating systems, phylogenetics tyjames@umich.edu
King, Aaron Theoretical ecology, epidemiology, population dynamics kingaa@umich.edu
Kling, George Ecosystem ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry gwk@umich.edu
Knowles, L. Lacey Speciation, phylogeography, evolutionary radiations knowlesl@umich.edu
Kondrashov, Alex Evolutionary processes kondrash@umich.edu
Ó Foighil, Diarmaid Invertebrate evolution and systematics, malacology diarmaid@umich.edu
OConnor, Barry Systematics, parasitology and acarology bmoc@umich.edu
Ostling, Annette Community ecology and theoretical ecology aostling@umich.edu
Qiu, Yin-Long Plant evolution ylqiu@umich.edu
Rabosky, Daniel Macroevolution, biogeography, systematics of lizards & snakes, comparative methods, community ecology drabosky@umich.edu
Schmidt, Tom Patterns of diversity, metabolic tradeoffs and interactions in the microbial world schmidti@umich.edu
Smith, Stephen Phylogenetics, computational evolutionary biology, biogeography, phyloinformatics eebsmith@umich.edu
Tibbetts, Elizabeth Behavioral evolution, organismal biology and evolutionary processes tibbetts@umich.edu
Tucker, Priscilla Molecular evolution and systematics of mammals and speciation ptuck@umich.edu
Vandermeer, John Theoretical ecology, agroecology, tropical ecology jvander@umich.edu
Wittkopp, Patricia Evolutionary genetics and genomics, and evolution of development wittkopp@umich.edu
Zhang, Jianzhi Molecular and genomic evolution jianzhi@umich.edu
Faculty with secondary EEB appointments (can be co-advisor)