Research Scientists

  • Christiane Anderson

    Christiane Anderson

    Research Scientist University of Michigan Herbarium

    Plant taxonomy (Malpighiaceae) and floristics734.647.2812 /

  • Joseph Coolon

    Joseph Coolon

    Assistant Research Scientist 1061 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Evolutionary genetics and genomics, ecological genomics734.647.5483 /

  • Liliana Cortes Ortiz

    Liliana Cort├ęs Ortiz

    Research Associate Professor 1053 Ruthven Museums Building

    Primate evolution, phylogenetics and speciation734.615.9950 /

  • Alison Davis Rabosky

    Alison Davis Rabosky

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Senior Herpetologist, Museum of Zoology
    1089 Ruthven Museums Building

    Evolution of behavior, evolutionary genomics, character evolution and phylogenetics, herpetology734.763.8694 /

  • Melissa Duhaime

    Melissa Beth Duhaime

    Assistant Research Scientist 1137 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Marine virus community genomics and model system studies; interaction of microbes and plastics in the ocean734.764.6219 /

  • Pavel Klimov

    Pavel Klimov

    Assistant Research Scientist 2041 Ruthven Museums Building

    Molecular phylogentics, host-parsite relationships, coevolution, systematics of mites734.763.4354 /

  • Fred Kraus

    Fred Kraus

    Research Scientist 2032 Ruthven Museums Building

    734.647.1927 /

  • Taehwan Lee

    Taehwan Lee

    Mollusk Division Collection Coordinator and Assistant Research Scientist 1015 Ruthven Museums Building

    Molecular evolution and systematics of invertebrates with special emphasis on mollusks734.764.2398 /

  • Luke Nave

    Luke Nave

    Assistant Research Scientist U-M Biological Station

    Forest carbon and nitrogen cycling231.539.8742 /

  • Mike Penskar

    Mike Penskar

    Research Investigator University of Michigan Herbarium

    Michigan Natural Features

  • Richard Rabeler

    Richard K. Rabeler

    Associate Research Scientist University of Michigan Herbarium

    Systematics and distribution of Caryophyllaceae; North American floristics734.764.2407 /

  • Anton Reznicek

    Anton Reznicek

    Research Scientist
    Curator of Vascular Plants
    University of Michigan Herbarium

    Systematics, evolution and biogeography of flowering plants734.764.5544 /

  • Manojit Roy

    Manojit Roy

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Research Scientist 2014 Kraus Natural Science Building

    Theoretical ecology and epidemiology, human and wildlife diseases in an ecological context734.764.7951 /

  • Cody Thompson

    Cody Thompson

    Assistant Research Scientist
    Mammal Division Collection Manager
    3044 Ruthven Museums Building

    Evolutionary patterns and processes of mammalian diversity734.615.2810 /

  • Florence Wagner

    Florence Wagner

    Research Scientist University of Michigan Herbarium

    Pteridology; fern flora of Hawaii734.649.6641 /