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Date: Sunday, September 28th
Speaker: Vijay Vaitheeswaran
Location: Rackham Auditorium
Time: 7-9 PM
Description: His book, Power to the People, analyzes “How the Coming Energy Revolution will Transform an Industry, Change our Lives, and Maybe Even Save the Planet.” Vijay Vaitheeswaran will meet with student and faculty on Monday, September 29th. Learn more about Vijay Vaitheeswaran at http://www.vijaytothepeople.com/.

Date: October 29th
Speaker: John Hieftje, Mayor of Ann Arbor
Location: 340 West Hall
Time: 5-7PM
Description: Roundtable discussion format on local government topics. Learn more about Mayor Hieftje at http://www.a2gov.org/government/citycouncil/Pages/MayorJohnHieftje.aspx.

Date: November 11th
Speaker: Matt Banks, Senior Program Officer, Business and Industry Program, World Wildlife Fund
Location: Rackham Auditorium
Time: 4-5:30PM
Description: Talk titled "The Business Response to Climate Change: Solutions and Challenges" will explore how businesses are orienting themselves within the complex and still emerging "climate change playing field" for business. It will also highlight the unique approach the information technology industry is taking to further green computing practices. This lecture is cosponsored with the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Please check http://climatesavers.umich.edu for more information.

Date: Monday, December 8th
Speaker: Paul Portney, former CEO of Resources for the Future, and currently the Dean of the University of Arizona Management School, and Professor of Economics
Location: Rackham Amphitheater
Time: 5PM
Description: Talk titled: "American's Two Big Energy Problems and What to do about Them." Learn more about Dean Portney at http://www.eller.arizona.edu/faculty/administration/dean.aspx

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