Origins Symposium

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Origins: The Universe, Earth, and Life
Friday, January 20, 2005
Modern Languages Building Auditorium 3

1:10 PM

Introduction to the symposium

Terrence McDonald, Dean of the College of Literature Science and the
Arts, University of Michigan


From before the Big Bang through the first million years

Katherine Freese, U-M Department of Physics


The first million years through the first 9 billion years

Douglas O. Richstone, U-M Department of Astronomy


The next 4 billion years: making Earth a habitable planet

Stephen E. Kesler, U-M Department of Geological Sciences


Questions and discussion


Coffee Break


The tree of life: Darwinian chemistry as the evolutionary force from cyanic acid to living molecules and cells

Nils G. Walter, U-M Department of Chemistry


The tree of life: exploring evolutionary pathways through fossil evidence

Daniel C. Fisher, U-M Museum of Paleontology,
Department of Geological Sciences


The tree of life: exploring evolutionary pathways from extant life

Yin-Long Qiu, U-M Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Questions and discussion


13.7 billion years: the summary

Gordon Kane, U-M Department of Physics


Meet the speakers reception

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