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Introduction to Evolution

Understanding Evolution
Aimed at non-scientists, this University of California – Berkeley site explains the ideas behind evolution, the history of evolutionary theory, and the evidence that supports evolution.

This Web companion to the PBS program Evolution offers multimedia activities and games that explore evolutionary ideas.

BBC Education: Evolution
This site from the British Broadcasting Company includes the complete text of Darwin’s Origin of Species and an illustrated guide to the text, as well as essays on Darwin and Darwinism, an evolution bibliography, and an artificial life game.

Topics in Evolution

Tree of Life Web Project
The Tree of Life Project allows visitors to step through the tree of common descent, showing clearly the evolutionary relationships between groups of organisms.

Becoming Human: Paleoanthropology, evolution and human origins
An online documentary tracing over four million years of human evolution, from Ardipithecus ramidus to modern Homo sapiens, exploring the fossil record, the evidence of anatomy, theories of human lineages, and evidence for early human culture.

Evolution and the Fossil Record
This Web version of a publication by the American Geological Institute and the Paleontological Society introduces the fossil record and the basics of Darwinian theory, and illustrates the ways in which they support each other.

The Paleontology Portal
The Paleontology Portal organizes data about geology and paleontology along geographic lines: you can use it to find information about fossils and rock layers from your home state, or to view profiles of famous fossil sites like the La Brea Tar Pits.

Visualizing the Similarity of Human and Chimp DNA

Human Nature Review
HNR serves as a clearing-house for researchers taking a variety of approaches, including an evolutionary approach, to the subject of human nature.

Evolution and Medicine
This site explores the evolutionary basis for human

Darwin Exhibit
The American Museum of Natural History's online exhibit devoted to
Charles Darwin provides details about his early life, his voyage on the
Beagle, and the years he spent privately formulating his theory of
natural selection.

The Evolution-Intelligent Design Debate

The Talk.Origins Archive – exploring the creation/evolution controversy
Talk.Origins is a collection of articles and essays devoted to detailed analysis of theories about biological and physical origins, with particular attention given to rebutting claims made against evolutionary theory.

Answering the Biochemical Argument from Design
The Flagellum Unspun

In these articles, Brown University biology professor Kenneth Miller (author of Finding Darwin’s God) provides a biochemical refutation of Michael Behe’s claims of “irreducible complexity” in modern organisms, a pillar of the intelligent design movement.

Intelligent Design?
This special report from Natural History magazine presents essays by three intelligent design proponents, followed by rebuttals from three supporters of evolutionary theory.

Teaching Evolution

National Center for Science Education
The NCSE “defends the teaching of evolution in public schools” by providing advice and information about current challenges to the teaching of evolutionary theory.

National Science Teachers Association – Evolution Resources
The NSTA collects here a number of resources for teaching evolution, including the group’s official position statement, an FAQ on teaching evolution, evolution headlines, and links to other sites.

The Panda’s Thumb
This weblog provides critiques of intelligent design and other
alternative-origins theories, based on a firm grounding in evolutionary
theory and its importance in modern science and science education.






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