Professional Development for LSA Staff

Professional Development for LSA Staff

LSA strongly believes in encouraging staff to pursue ongoing professional development. LSA supports the University of Michigan's Staff Development Philosophy which recognizes that people are our most important resource for sustaining excellence in teaching, research, and service. To enhance the ability of staff members to contribute to their departments and to provide career satisfaction for productive employees, we are committed to supporting ongoing staff development for any staff member. Staff development is defined as growth in an individual's knowledge, skill, and personal effectiveness. Our goal is for all staff members to make the maximum contribution to their departments, while having opportunities to develop their talents, to acquire and use new skills and knowledge, and thus to achieve greater career effectiveness and satisfaction.

2009 Professional Development Policy Update

Professional Development Courses Paid by LSA
Listing of current pre-approved courses

Professional Development Cancellation Policy
Provides information on how to cancel an upcoming HRD course

Training Workshops
LSA New Employee Orientation, Work Planning and LSA Key Ad Info Sessions

Other Training
Contains information on LSA policy for U-M sponsored conferences

Tuition Support
Contains information on LSA Tuition Support program for LSA, U-M and non–U-M courses

Performance Management
Contains LSA Performance Management Checklist, Self Appraisal Worksheet and Work Planning resources

HR Events

LSA New Employee Orientation

Department: Office of the Dean
Date: 09/16/2015; 08:30AM - 10:00AM
Location: LSA 2001

LSA Work Planning

Department: Office of the Dean
Date: 10/02/2015; 08:30AM - 10:30AM
Location: LSA 2001

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