About Student Academic Affairs

LSA Student Academic Affairs serves students, the College, the University, and the larger society by contributing to the intellectual and personal growth of students in the liberal arts tradition. Overall, Student Academic Affairs is responsible for helping LSA undergraduates achieve the expectations and rewards of the liberal arts and science education afforded by the College.  The overarching objective of Student Academic Affairs is to enhance and strengthen the undergraduate experience of students in LSA.Our staff shares with teaching faculty and other academic departments the task of facilitating the student's academic path through the College. 

In achieving its mission, LSA Student Academic Affairs:

  • Assists students in defining educational goals and in designing a plan to meet these goals.
  • Guides students in assuming responsibility for their education.
  • Teaches students to appreciate the value of a liberal arts and science education.
  • Provides accurate and accessible information to assist students in making informed decisions.
  • Articulates the standards of the College and assists students in meeting these standards.

To accomplish this responsibility, LSA Student Academic Affairs is organized in the following units each of which has distinct responsibilities:


LSA Student Academic Affairs Administration +

Esrold A. Nurse
, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Executive Director of the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

Ching-Yune Sylvester, Ph.D., Assistant to Assistant Dean

Debbie Walls, Executive Secretary

Philip Gorman
, M.A.,
Director, Academic Advising Information


Cathleen Conway-Perrin, M.A.,
Director, Academic Standards and Academic Opportunities
Interim Director, Comprehensive Studies Program


Toni Morales

Toni Morales, MSW
Associate Director for the Academic Standards Board


Timothy M. Dodd, M.A.,
Director, Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

David Brawn, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Continuing Student Services and Major Advising Services,
Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

Susan Gass
, M.A.
Associate Director for Advising Center Operations and Professional Development and Training, 
Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

Carmela Brown 
Carmela Brown
, M.Ed.
Associate Director, New Student Services and Orientation Advising
Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center

Office of the Assistant Dean +

1213 Angell Hall 
(734) 764-7297

The Office of the Assistant Dean is responsible for the overall administration of the offices comprising Student Academic Affairs  as well as the Comprehensive Studies Program.  Additionally, the  Office of the Assistant Dean provides guidance and support to the faculty of the College by communicating and interpreting College policies that govern the instructional milieu. Similarly, policy, procedural, and personal matters affecting students and their progress to degree are resolved by the Assistant Dean on behalf of the College. The Assistant Dean’s Office also routinely communicates with instructors, staff, and the wider public regarding academic programs and procedures within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

 The Assistant Dean oversees the Academic Judiciary for Student Academic Affairs and is responsible for ensuring that a fair and judicious process exists for adjudicating cases of  academic misconduct. In adjudicating cases of academic misconduct, the main objective is to assist the College in fulfilling its educational mission by helping students understand the value and importance of academic integrity. Along with students, faculty, and staff, the Office of the Assistant Dean shares the responsibility to ensure a campus environment that embraces academic integrity as the norm.

Through its work on student and College policy, academic integrity, and the wider coordination of academic advising across the College, the Office of the Assistant Dean plays a leading role in shaping the undergraduate experience in LSA.

Student Academic Affairs Org Chart (PDF)

January 15, 2015

Advising Across The College

Student Records Policy

Access to individual student advising files is restricted to official college academic advisors, members of the Academic Standards Board, and clerical staff who assist in carrying out official advising or Academic Stan­dards Board functions.

Dean's files

Information of a sensitive nature may be removed from the academic advising file at the discretion of a member of the Academic Standards Board or at the request of the student and placed in a Dean's file, which is a confidential file

Dean's Certification Forms

A "dean's letter" might be called a dean's recommendation, or certification, or letter of good standing. Dean's letters are sometimes required by professional schools or professional associations, as well as by...

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