Wählen Sie für jeden Satz die richtige Wortstellung und/oder die logische Konjunktion und/oder die logische Negation!
Note: Most of the following items test word order directly, but since coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and the position of "nicht" are important for word order, there are also some items about the meanings of the coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, and some about the distinction between "nicht" and "kein."

You will be asked 20 questions. IF YOU GET A QUESTION WRONG, KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT. THE PROGRAM WILL ONLY CALCULATE YOUR SCORE IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS. Incorrect guesses will reduce your score. When you are finished, click "Submit" if you are satisfied with your score. Remember you need a score of at least 80% in order to get a "check" for this assignment.