Emeriti Faculty

  • R. Ward Bissell

    Professor Emeritus

    Baroque Painting and Sculpturebissellw@umich.edu

  • Richard Edwards

    Professor Emeritus of the History of Art

    Chinese Artedw@umich.edu

  • Marvin Eisenberg

    Professor Emeritus

    Medieval and Renaissance Artmareis@umich.edu

  • Ilene Forsyth

    Professor Emerita

    Early Medieval Art with Emphasis on Romanesque Sculptureforsythi@umich.edu

  • Joel Isaacson

    Professor Emeritus

    Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century European Artjisaac@umich.edu

  • Diane Kirkpatrick

    Professor Emerita

    Twentieth-Century Art with a Focus on the Histories of Photography and Cinemadianek@umich.edu

  • Walter Spink

    Professor Emeritus

    Indian Art with a Focus on Early Buddhist and Hindu Architecture, Sculpture, and Paintingwspink@umich.edu