• Matthew Biro

    Matthew Biro

    Professor and Chair 110A Tappan Hall

    Modern and Contemporary Art, Aesthetic and Interpretive Theories, Philosophies of Technology734.615.8453 / mbiro@umich.edu

  • Celeste Brusati

    Celeste Brusati

    Professor 170A Tappan Hall

    Early modern European art, primarily in the Netherlands; Early modern art literature and image theory; Pictorial representation and perception; Art, science, and technology734.764.5407 / cbrusati@umich.edu

  • Kevin_Carr

    Kevin Carr

    Associate Professor and Associate Chair 150C Tappan Hall

    Japanese Visual Culture734.764.6223 / kgcarr@umich.edu

  • Nachiket Chanchani

    Nachiket Chanchani

    Assistant Professor of South Asian Art, Architecture, and Visual Culture 70 D Tappan Hall

    South Asian and Himalayan art, architecture, and visual culture734.763.3289 / nachiket@umich.edu

  • Paroma Chatterjee

    Paroma Chatterjee

    Assistant Professor of History of Art

    Medieval Mediterranean, medieval image theories, ekphrasis, and sculptureparoma@umich.edu

  • David Doris

    David Doris

    Associate Professor of History of Art, Afroamerican and African Studies, and Art 65 Tappan Hall

    African arts and visual cultures734.764.5604 / dtdoris@umich.edu

  • Elaine Gazda

    Elaine Gazda

    734.647.0438 / gazda@umich.edu

  • Gruber_Christiana

    Christiane Gruber

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

    Islamic painting; Persian and Turkic book arts; codicology and paleography; texts and images of the Prophet Muhammad’s ascension (mi‘raj); Islamic representations of the Prophet Muhammad; Iranian post-revolutionary art and visual culture; modern Islamic visual and material culture734.764.5400 / cjgruber@umich.edu

  • Daniel Herwitz

    Daniel Herwitz

    Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor of Comp Lit, Hist of Art, Philosophy and Art & Design

    734.936.3520 / herwitz@umich.edu

  • holmesmegan.jpg

    Megan Holmes

    Professor 150B Tappan Hall

    Italian Renaissance734.763.0517 / holmesml@umich.edu

  • Kee, Joan

    Joan Kee

    Associate Professor of History of Art 70D Tappan Hall

    Modern and Contemporary Art (focused on East and Southeast Asia);Art and the Lawjkee@umich.edu

  • Howard Lay

    Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies 120D Tappan Hall

    Modern art and nineteenth-century French painting734.763.3236 / hglay@umich.edu

  • Ana María León


  • Jennifer Nelson

    Jennifer Nelson

    Assistant Professor 70E Tappan Hall

    Early Modern Northern European Art (primarily in Germany); Early Modern Technology and Visual Culture; the Early History of Style; Early Modern Theologies of Representationjlnels@umich.edu

  • Alexander Potts

    Alexander Potts

    Max Loehr Collegiate Professor 170D Tappan Hall

    Modern art and theories of art; History of sculpture734.615.6042 / adpotts@umich.edu

  • Martin Powers

    Martin Powers

    Sally Michelson Davidson Professor of Chinese Arts and Cultures 120A Tappan Hall

    Chinese art; comparative culture734.764.5402 / mpow@umich.edu

  • Ratte

    Christopher Ratté

    Professor and Director of Kelsey Museum

    Classical Archaeology; Greek and Roman art; Archaeology of Asia Minor734.764.7517 / ratte@umich.edu

  • Robertson_Jennifer

    Jennifer Robertson

    Professor 204-C West Hall, 170C Tappan Hall

    Bio-Art and Robotics;Japanese Modern Painting, Printmaking, and Ceramics;Socio-Cultural and Historical Anthropology and Ethnography734.763.4682 / jennyrob@umich.edu

  • Margaret Root

    Margaret Cool Root

    Curator of Greek and Near Eastern Collections Kelsey Museum

    734.647.4119 / mcroot@umich.edu

  • Elizabeth Sears

    Elizabeth Sears

    George H. Forsyth Junior Collegiate Professor of History of Art 150E Tappan Hall

    Medieval art and historiography734.763.6110 / esears@umich.edu

  • Siegfried_Susan

    Susan Siegfried

    Denise Riley Collegiate Professor of the History of Art and Women's Studies, Professor of History of Art and Professor of Women's Studies 150D Tappan Hall

    Late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century French painting734.763.5917 / siegfrie@umich.edu

  • Raymond Silverman

    Raymond Silverman

    Professor 5516 Haven Hall

    Visual cultures of Africa, museum studies734.615.9847; 734.936.6401 / silveray@umich.edu

  • simons 2

    Patricia Simons

    Professor 170B Tappan Hall

    Renaissance and Baroque Europe, with some interest in intersections with Islamic cultures; Gender and sexuality studies; Materiality and material culture734.763.5073 / patsimon@umich.edu

  • Achim_Timmerman

    Achim Timmermann

    Associate Professor 150A Tappan Hall

    Medieval art and architecture, Northern Renaissance art734.763.6112 / achimtim@umich.edu

  • Tom Willette

    Thomas Willette

    Lecturer 10B Tappan Hall

    Italian Renaissance and Baroque734.936.0285 / willette@umich.edu

  • Zimmerman_Claire

    Claire Zimmerman

    Associate Professor 70E Tappan Hall

    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century architecture734.936.0280 / zimclair@umich.edu

  • zurier.jpg

    Rebecca Zurier

    Associate Professor 120C Tappan Hall

    American nineteenth-century and twentieth-century art and architecture734.763.5840 / rzurier@umich.edu