Africa Diaspora, Atlantic Studies

  • Paulina Alberto

    Paulina Alberto

    Associate Professor 2705 Haven Hall

    Latin America; Race and nation, racial ideologies, racial politics; Afro-Latin America; Brazil and Argentina734.647.4869 /

  • Jay Cook

    Jay Cook

    Professor 1759 Haven Hall

    19th-century cultural and intellectual; African-American; Popular/mass culture; Visual culture; Capitalism734.763.7860 /

  • BIO-Countryman

    Matthew Countryman

    Associate Professor History, American Culture 2759 Haven Hall

    African American social movements, 20th-century U.S. history, race-postwar liberalism-and the American left, African-American politics in the post-civil-rights era.
    Secondary Fields of Study: Public memory of the Civil Rights movement, right-wing social movements, the social construction of race.
    734.647.2434 /

  • Kevin Gaines

    Kevin Gaines

    Professor 4700 Haven Hall (CAAS)

    U.S. and African American intellectual and cultural history; race and gender politics in post-World War II America; African American cultural production; the global dimensions of U.S. struggles over the meaning of citizenship734.764.5513 /

  • David J. Hancock

    David J. Hancock

    Director, Atlantic Studies Initiative
    2767 Haven Hall

    Business and Economic History;Atlantic World;Early-Modern Britain and Empire;Early-Modern Portugal and Empire;Colonial America734.763.7589 /

  • Brandi Hughes

    Brandi Hughes

    Assistant Professor 2518 Haven Hall

    North American religion, African American religious and intellectual history in the 20th century734.647.4873 /

  • Nancy Rose Hunt

    Nancy Rose Hunt

    Professor of History (and Obstetrics/Gynecology) 1735 Haven Hall

    Africa, health, medicine, violence, religious studies, humanitarianism, gender, psychiatry, theory, ethnographic history, global history, visual culture734.647.4887 /

  • pjohnsonjdb

    Paul C. Johnson

    Professor of History and Afroamerican and African Studies
    Director, Program in Anthro-History
    4658 Haven Hall

    Theories of religion, ethnography, history of the study of religion, religion and race, modern history of Brazil734.764.5513 /

  • Martha Jones

    Martha S. Jones

    Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of History 2703 Haven Hall

    African American history; 19th century United States history; women's history; critical race theory, Atlantic world slavery and law734.647.5421 /

  • BIO-Miles

    Tiya Miles

    Chair, Department in Afroamerican and African Studies
    4773 Haven Hall

    African-American and Native-American interrelated and comparative histories, esecially 19th-century; African-American women's istory and literature; Native American women's history and literature; U.S. women's history734.764.5513 /

  • Sherie Randolph

    Sherie Randolph

    Assistant Professor 4640 Haven Hall (DAAS)

    20th-century United States; African American; African diaspora; Women and gender; Black feminism(s); Black Power; Social movements734.936.6528 /

  • Rebecca Scott

    Rebecca Scott

    Charles Gibson Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Law 1749 Haven / 969 Legal Research

    Latin America; Cuba, slavery and emancipation; Labor systems; Comparative citizenship734.763.4779 /

  • Julius Scott

    Julius Scott III


    734.764-6305 /

  • BIO-VonEschen

    Penny Von Eschen

    Professor of History and American Culture
    Associate Chair, History
    1029J Tisch

    Transnational cultural and political dynamics;Race, gender, and empire;Political culture of United States imperialism734.647.6157 /

  • Rudolph Ware

    Rudolph (Butch) Ware

    Assistant Professor 2510 Haven Hall

    Premodern Africa; Islam in Africa734.647.7943 /