• John Carson

    John Carson

    Associate Professor
    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Director of Graduate Studies, Program in Science, Technology & Society
    1765 Haven Hall

    U.S. intellectual/cultural history, history of science, history of the human sciences, 19th-century U.S. history, European intellectual history734.647.7378 / jscarson@umich.edu

  • Jay Cook

    Jay Cook

    Professor 1759 Haven Hall

    19th-century cultural and intellectual; African-American; Popular/mass culture; Visual culture; Capitalism734.763.7860 / jwcook@umich.edu

  • BIO-Dowd

    Gregory E. Dowd

    Professor 3672 Haven Hall

    Colonial and Revolutionary America, Native American, American Studies615-6473 / dowdg@umich.edu

  • David J. Hancock

    David J. Hancock

    Director, Atlantic Studies Initiative
    2767 Haven Hall

    Business and Economic History;Atlantic World;Early-Modern Britain and Empire;Early-Modern Portugal and Empire;Colonial America734.763.7589 / hancockd@umich.edu

  • Martha Jones

    Martha S. Jones

    Arthur F Thurnau Professor of History
    2703 Haven Hall

    African American history; 19th century United States history; women's history; critical race theory, Atlantic world slavery and law734.647.5421 / msjonz@umich.edu

  • Sue Juster

    Susan Juster

    Professor 2521 Haven Hall

    Early American, women and religion734.763.7858 / sjuster@umich.edu

  • BIO-Kelley

    Mary C. Kelley

    Ruth Bordin Collegiate Professor 2672 Haven Hall

    American intellectual history, women's intellectual history, history of the book, American culture, American studies734.647.7941 / mckelley@umich.edu

  • BIO-Miles

    Tiya Miles

    Elsa Barkley Brown Collegiate Professor
    Professor of American Culture, History, Afroamerican & African Studies, Women's Studies, and Native American Studies
    4773 Haven Hall

    African American and Native American interrelated and comparative histories, especially 19th-century African American women's history and literature, Native American women's history and literature, and U.S. women's history734.764.5513 / tiya@umich.edu

  • Marty Pernick

    Martin S. Pernick

    Professor 1727 Haven Hall

    History of disease, disability, health, and the body; Professionalism and professional cultures; History of ethics and value issues in medicine;Film and the mediation of professional and popular cultures734.647.4876 / mpernick@umich.edu

  • Julius Scott

    Julius Scott III


    734.764-6305 / jsscott@umich.edu

  • BIO-Witgen

    Michael Witgen

    Associate Professor of History and American Culture 2642 Haven Hall

    American Indian and early American history;North American West; Borderlands history;Pre-confederation Canada734.647.5419 / mwitgen@umich.edu