Environmental History

  • EIHS Post Doc Fellow

    Anne Berg

    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
    1029M Tisch Hall

    Modern German and modern European social and cultural history; Nazism, war, and the Holocaust; Urban history; Film studies; the history of garbage734.763.8905 / akberg@umich.edu

  • DeloriaACWEB

    Philip J. Deloria

    Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Collegiate Professor
    LSA Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
    2216 LSA Bldg.
    2735 Haven Hall

    U.S. Cultural; American Indian; Enviornmental; American Studies734.764.0320
    734.763.2091 / pdeloria@umich.edu

  • Dario Gaggio

    Dario Gaggio

    Professor 2765 Haven Hall

    Modern Italy, History and political economy; Agrarian and environmental history734.763.2297 / dariog@umich.edu

  • Gabrielle Hecht

    Gabrielle Hecht

    Professor 2666 Haven Hall

    Science and technology studies; Nuclear power and proliferation;Colonialism and postcoloniality; Labor; National identity; Modern Africa (Gabon, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa); Modern France734.647.7937 / hechtg@umich.edu

  • MoraACWEB

    Anthony P. Mora

    Associate Professor of American Culture and History 3767 Haven Hall

    19th-century United States; Race, gender, and sexuality in the U.S.; Mexican-American history; Latino/a history; The history of sexuality734.615.5766 / apmora@umich.edu

  • Doug Northrop

    Douglas Northrop

    Associate Chair
    2519 Haven Hall

    Central Asia; World/global; Social/cultural; Empire/colonial; Gender/women; Environmental; Big history647-0099 / northrop@umich.edu

  • Perrin Selcer

    Perrin Selcer

    Assistant Professor

    Global environmental history; History and sociology of science, focusing on 20th century environmental and human sciences; International organizations and international development; U.S. and the Worldpselcer@umich.edu

  • Paolo Squatriti

    Paolo Squatriti

    Professor 2727 Haven Hall / 4403 MLB

    Medieval History734.647.4897 / pasqua@umich.edu