• Paulina Alberto

    Paulina Alberto

    Associate Professor 2705 Haven Hall

    Latin America; Race and nation, racial ideologies, racial politics; Afro-Latin America; Brazil and Argentina734.647.4869 / palberto@umich.edu

  • BIO-Hoffnung-Garskof

    Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof

    Associate Professor of American Culture and History
    Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    3751 Haven Hall

    Latino studies, Latin American and Caribbean history, transnational migrations, music, race and ethnicity.734.647.0253 / jessehg@umich.edu

  • BIO-Miles

    Tiya Miles

    Chair, Department in Afroamerican and African Studies
    4773 Haven Hall

    African-American and Native-American interrelated and comparative histories, esecially 19th-century; African-American women's istory and literature; Native American women's history and literature; U.S. women's history734.764.5513 / tiya@umich.edu

  • MoraACWEB

    Anthony P. Mora

    Associate Professor of American Culture and History 3767 Haven Hall

    19th-century United States; Race, gender, and sexuality in the U.S.; Mexican-American history; Latino/a history; The history of sexuality734.615.5766 / apmora@umich.edu

  • Gina Morantz-Sanchez

    Regina Morantz-Sanchez

    Professor 2664 Haven Hall

    Women's and gender history, history of the family, sexuality, the body, and medicine, race and ethnicity, Jewish American history734.763.2296 / reginann@umich.edu

  • Ian Moyer

    Ian Moyer

    Associate Professor 2741 Haven Hall

    Ancient Greece and Egypt; Ethnicity and culture in the ancient world; Historiography and ethnography; Religion and magic734.763.5855 / ianmoyer@umich.edu

  • Scott Spector

    Scott Spector

    Professor of History, German, Judaic Studies
    Chair, Germanic Languages and Literature

    Modern Central European; cultural and intellectual; German-Jewish; history of sexualityspec@umich.edu

  • Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Professor of History and Judaic Studies 2529 Haven Hall

    Modern Jewish history, modern Russia and Eastern Europe, oral history, culture and ethnicity, Holocaust734.647.4885 / jveidlin@umich.edu