• Francis Blouin

    Francis Blouin

    Professor 2640 Haven Hall

    Archives, documentation, and institutions of social memory; United States Social History, Michigan history.fblouin@umich.edu

  • Juan Cole

    Juan Cole

    Richard P. Mitchell Professor of History
    Director, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
    2527 Haven Hall

    Modern Middle East; Muslim South Asia; Social and intellectual history734.764.6305 / jrcole@umich.edu

  • Deborah Dash Moore; photo by Jean Paul Jann

    Deborah Dash Moore

    Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor of History 1703 Haven Hall

    American Jewish history; 20th century urbanization, migration, and acculturation; documentary photography734.647.7862 / ddmoore@umich.edu

  • Deirdre de la Cruz

    Deirdre de la Cruz

    Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian Studies
    Assistant Professor of History
    6167 STB

    Cultures and histories of Southeast Asia, in particular the Philippines734.615.8504 / ddelac@umich.edu

  • Hussein Fancy

    Hussein Anwar Fancy

    Assistant Professor 2528 Haven Hall

    Medieval Spain and North Africa; Social, Cultural and Intellectual History of Religious Interaction; Political Theology and Paleography734.647.5409 / fancy@umich.edu

  • Paul C. Johnson

    Paul C. Johnson

    Professor of History, Afroamerican and African Studies 4658 Haven Hall

    Theories of religion, ethnography, history of the study of religion, religion and race, modern history of Brazil734.764.5513 / paulcjoh@umich.edu

  • Sue Juster

    Susan Juster

    Professor 2521 Haven Hall

    Early American, women and religion734.763.7858 / sjuster@umich.edu

  • Valerie Kivelson

    Valerie A. Kivelson

    Thomas N. Tentler Collegiate Professor
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of History
    2743 Haven Hall

    Medieval and early modern Russia; history of cartography; history of witchcraft; religion; political culture; history and the visual; comparative empires; violence and visuality734.763.2049 / vkivelso@umich.edu

  • tmasuzawajdb

    Tomoko Masuzawa

    Professor of History, Comparative Literature 2634 Haven Hall

    Modern European intellectual history (19th century); Discourses on religion; History of human sciences; Psychoanalysis734.615.3602 / masuzawa@umich.edu

  • Michelle McClellan

    Michelle McClellan

    Assistant Professor

    United States; Public history734.647.5408 / mmcclel@umich.edu

  • Farina Mir

    Farina Mir

    Associate Professor 2757 Haven Hall

    Modern South Asia; Islam/Muslims in South Asia; British colonialism734.647.5416 / fmir@umich.edu

  • Ian Moyer

    Ian Moyer

    Associate Professor 2741 Haven Hall

    Ancient Greece and Egypt; Ethnicity and culture in the ancient world; Historiography and ethnography; Religion and magic734.763.5855 / ianmoyer@umich.edu

  • Ellen Muehlberger 2015

    Ellen Muehlberger

    Associate Professor of History, Near Eastern Studies 4163 STB

    Religion and Christianity in Late Antiquity734.615.2960 / emuehlbe@umich.edu

  • Rachel Neis

    Rachel Neis

    Associate Professor 2506 Haven Hall

    Jewish history (particularly late antique); Palestinian and Babylonian rabbinic culture; Religion and mysticism; Law in the ancient world; Vision and visuality734.647.4616 / rneis@umich.edu

  • Doug Northrop

    Douglas Northrop

    Associate Chair
    2519 Haven Hall

    Central Asia; World/global; Social/cultural; Empire/colonial; Gender/women; Environmental; Big history647-0099 / northrop@umich.edu

  • Derek R. Peterson

    Derek Peterson

    Professor of History and African Studies 1634 Haven Hall

    Africa, particularly eastern Africa; history of literature and religion; intellectual culture; gender history; nationalism; ethnicity734.615.3608 / drpeters@umich.edu

  • Brian Porter-Szucs

    Brian Porter-Szücs

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor 1751 Haven Hall

    Modern Poland, Economics of Socialism and Capitalism, Roman Catholicism734.764.6803 / baporter@umich.edu

  • Headshot of Daniel Ramirez against white background

    Daniel Ramirez

    Assistant Professor 3733 Haven Hall

    American religious history, immigration, race and ethnicity in the Americas, African American studies, Mesoamerican/Latin, American/Afro-Latino, and Asian American religions, religious music in the Americas, evangelicalisms of the Americas, Church and State, (post)colonial religious history, politics and religion, Spanish Reformation, cultural anthropology, Latin-American cultural studies, Reformation history.734.615.6474 / dramire@umich.edu

  • Hitomi Tonomura

    Hitomi Tonomura

    Professor 1719 Haven Hall

    Premodern patterns of gender construction and representation; war and manhood; work and environment; reproduction and lineage; impurity and law; violence and heroism; samurai films734.647.7298 / tomitono@umich.edu

  • Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies 2529 Haven Hall

    Modern Jewish history, modern Russia and Eastern Europe, oral history, culture and ethnicity, Holocaust734.647.4885 / jveidlin@umich.edu

  • Rudolph Ware

    Rudolph (Butch) Ware

    Associate Professor 2510 Haven Hall

    Premodern Africa; Islam in Africa734.647.7943 / rudyware@umich.edu