• Kathryn Babayan

    Kathryn Babayan

    Associate Professor
    Director, Armenian Studies Program
    4012 Thayer

    Early Modern Iran; Shi’ism; Sufism; Gender and Sexuality734.763.1597 / babayan@umich.edu

  • Erdem Cipa

    Erdem Cipa

    Assistant Professor 3012 Thayer Bldg.

    Ottoman Empire, Middle East, Balkans647-4637 / ecipa@umich.edu

  • Juan Cole

    Juan Cole

    Richard P. Mitchell Professor of History
    Director, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
    2527 Haven Hall

    Modern Middle East; Muslim South Asia; Social and intellectual history734.764.6305 / jrcole@umich.edu

  • Rudi Lindner

    Rudi Lindner

    Professor 1672 Haven Hall

    Medieval world; Ottoman; astrophysics734.763.2290 / rpl@umich.edu

  • Ellen Muehlberger 2015

    Ellen Muehlberger

    Associate Professor of History, Near Eastern Studies 4163 STB

    Religion and Christianity in Late Antiquity734.615.2960 / emuehlbe@umich.edu

  • Rachel Neis

    Rachel Neis

    Associate Professor 2506 Haven Hall

    Jewish history (particularly late antique); Palestinian and Babylonian rabbinic culture; Religion and mysticism; Law in the ancient world; Vision and visuality734.647.4616 / rneis@umich.edu

  • Doug Northrop

    Douglas Northrop

    Associate Chair
    2519 Haven Hall

    Central Asia; World/global; Social/cultural; Empire/colonial; Gender/women; Environmental; Big history647-0099 / northrop@umich.edu

  • Melanie Schulze Tanielian

    Melanie Schulze Tanielian

    Assistant Professor 2520 Haven Hall

    Social and cultural history of the modern Middle East; War, violence and human rights; History of youth and childhood, Early 20th-century Lebanon734.647.4616 / meltan@umich.edu