• Luciana and Aida

    Luciana Aenasoaie

    Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

    Eastern Europe, history and memory, exclusion, patterns of sociability, policy making and ideas of and around corruption, local translations and adaptations of "democracy", materiality (space, artifacts, historical props)lucianab@umich.edu

  • Jamie Andreson

    Jamie Andreson

    Doctoral Student in Anthropology and History

    19th C Brazil; African diaspora religionsajamie@umich.edu

  • Stephen Arionus

    Stephen Arionus

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C US; Urban/Suburban; racializationsarionus@umich.edu

  • Ananda Burra

    Ananda Burra

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Law

    Transnational: International Law; Empireaburra@umich.edu

  • Tatiana Cruz

    Tatiana Cruz

    Doctoral Student in History

    20th C US; African American/Social Movementstatianac@umich.edu

  • Walker Elliott

    Walker Elliott

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th/20th C US;Race, labor, educationhwelliot@umich.edu

  • Sarah Garibova

    Sarah Garibova

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    East European Jewish history, 19th and 20th century Russian/Soviet historysgaribov@umich.edu

  • Nicole Greer Golda

    Nicole Greer Golda

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Early 20th C United States, Detroit, Americanization, immigration, Latin@ studies, and genderngreer@umich.edu

  • Sophia Hunt

    Sophie Hunt

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th Century US; Native American Historysohunt@umich.edu

  • Yanay Israeli

    Yanay Israeli

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Medieval and early modern Europe: social, cultural and legal history;The Crown of Castile, 1250-1550;Petitions and judicial culture;Government and state formation;Violence;The conversos and the Spanish Inquisitionisraeli@umich.edu

  • Adam Johnson

    Adam Fulton Johnson

    Doctoral Student in History

    Modern Human Science and Social/Development Theory; United States and the World in the Long 19th Century; Cultural & Intellectual History Science and Technology Studies; Global/World/Big Historyafjhnsn@umich.edu

  • Nora Krinitsky

    Nora Krinitsky

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th Century US, Political History, Urban History, African American Historynkrinit@umich.edu

  • Hiro_Matsusaka

    Hiroaki Matsusaka

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C US & East Asia; Race/Ethnicityhmatsu@umich.edu

  • Jonathan McLaughlin

    Jonathan McLaughlin

    Doctoral Candidate in Greek & Roman History (defended) 1029 Tisch Hall

    Roman Empire, comparative empires, institutions and identity, Literary and Documentary Lettersjjmcl@umich.edu

  • Cyrus O'Brien

    Cyrus O'Brien

    Doctoral Student in Anthropology & History

    United States; race; incarceration; religion; faith-based prisons; juvenile courtscjobrien@umich.edu

  • Alyssa Penick

    Alyssa Penick

    Doctoral Student in History


  • Angela Perez Villa

    Angela Perez Villa

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Colombia;Slavery and freedom; Genderpangela@umich.edu

  • Andres Pletch

    Andres Pletch

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Caribbean History;19th c. Cuban History;Slavery and Freedom;Digital Humanitiesapletch@umich.edu

  • Tasha Rijke-Epstein

    Tasha Rijke-Epstein

    Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

    Colonial and Postcolonial Urban Planning, Architecture, and Landscapes; Houses and Materiality; Labor; Ethnicity; Migration and Autochthony; Kinship, Marriage and Ancestors; Madagascar, East Africa, Indian Oceantrijke@umich.edu

  • Ashley Rockenbach

    Ashley Rockenbach

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Africa; Great Lakes Region; Conflict; Aid Organizationsashrock@umich.edu

  • Diana Carolina Sierra Becerra

    Diana Carolina Sierra Becerra

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Twentieth-century Latin America, particularly El Salvador and Colombia; Nation-building and Neoliberalism; Women, Gender, and Social Movements; Memory and Public Historydcsierra@umich.edu

  • Marie Stango

    Marie Stango

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    African American and African Diaspora, women and gender, 18th/19th century US and the Atlantic Worldmstango@umich.edu

  • Taylor_Edgar

    Edgar Taylor

    Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

    Africa; nationalism, race, social changeedgarjac@umich.edu

  • ToniAnn Trevino

    ToniAnn Trevino

    Doctoral Student in History

    U.S.-Mexico Borderlands;Mexican American History;Immigration and Legal History;U.S.-Mexico Diplomatic Affairs; Latina/o Historytoniannt@umich.edu