• Jacqueline Antonovich

    Jacqueline Antonovich

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th/20th C US; Women's/Gender; History of Medicine in the Atlantic Worldantonjac@umich.edu

  • Chelsea Del Rio

    Chelsea Del Rio

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th Century US;Political and Social History;Gender and Sexualitycheldel@umich.edu

  • Amanda Hendrix-Komoto

    Amanda Hendrix-Komoto

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Modern Britain, 18th/19th Century U.S., Colonialism, Gender/Sexuality, Missionary Movements in the American West and the Pacifichendrixa@umich.edu

  • Sophia Hunt

    Sophie Hunt

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th Century US; Native American Historysohunt@umich.edu

  • Adam Johnson

    Adam Fulton Johnson

    Doctoral Student in History

    Modern Human Science and Social/Development Theory; United States and the World in the Long 19th Century; Cultural & Intellectual History Science and Technology Studies; Global/World/Big Historyafjhnsn@umich.edu