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ToniAnn Trevino

Doctoral Student in History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI, 48109-1003

  • Affiliation(s)
    • American History Workshop, 2014-15 Co-Chair
  • Fields of Study
    • U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
    • Mexican American History
    • Immigration and Legal History
    • U.S.-Mexico Diplomatic Affairs
    • Latina/o History
  • About

    My current research interests focus on the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, with an emphasis on Narco Culture and Narco Diplomacy from the 20th Century to present. Through my work, I hope to understand questions surrounding the historical roots of Narco violence, American and Mexican foreign policy measures, and the ways in which racialized panics influenced border enforcement.

    Transnationality, gender & sexuality, and comparative race relations also inform my interests, and I hope to integrate these influences into my future work. My main research projects in the past focused on Narco Cinema, representations of traditional and queer Latino/a families, and Mexican-American women in World War II.

  • Presentations
    • "Never Go Against the Family": Narco Cinema, Patriarchy, and Scale This portfolio pl├ítica discussed Narco Cinema as an emerging genre, as well as its portrayals of traditional and queer Narco families. This talk, presented to the Center for Mexican American Studies, utilized examples from relevant films to consider structures of patriarchy as they operate at scales from the transnational to the local.