• Jacqueline Antonovich

    Jacqueline Antonovich

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th/20th C US; Women's/Gender; History of Medicine in the Atlantic Worldantonjac@umich.edu

  • Ananda Burra

    Ananda Burra

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Law

    Transnational: International Law; Empireaburra@umich.edu

  • Michelle Cassidy

    Michelle Cassidy

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    18th/19th C US; Native American;Great Lakes borderlandsmckrysia@umich.edu

  • Marvin Chochotte

    Marvin Chochotte

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Slavery and Freedom in the Americas;Caribbean History;Haiti & the Duvalier Dictatorship (1957-86);State Formation and Popular Movements;Peasant Studiesmachotte@umich.edu

  • Tatiana Cruz

    Tatiana Cruz

    Doctoral Student in History

    20th C US; African American/Social Movementstatianac@umich.edu

  • Scott DeOrio

    Scott De Orio

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Modern US Political; Sexualitysadeorio@umich.edu

  • Chelsea Del Rio

    Chelsea Del Rio

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th Century US;Political and Social History;Gender and Sexualitycheldel@umich.edu

  • Walker Elliott

    Walker Elliott

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th/20th C US;Race, labor, educationhwelliot@umich.edu

  • Stephanie Fajardo

    Stephanie Fajardo

    Doctoral Student in History

    US in the world;20th century US history;Philippine history;Gender and empirestephtf@umich.edu

  • Nicole Greer Golda

    Nicole Greer Golda

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Early 20th C United States, Detroit, Americanization, immigration, Latin@ studies, and genderngreer@umich.edu

  • Amanda Hendrix-Komoto

    Amanda Hendrix-Komoto

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    Modern Britain, 18th/19th Century U.S., Colonialism, Gender/Sexuality, Missionary Movements in the American West and the Pacifichendrixa@umich.edu

  • Joseph Ho

    Joseph Ho

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C United States, modern China; cultural history, global and transnational history, history of photography, visual culture, modern Christianity, missionsjwho@umich.edu

  • Sophia Hunt

    Sophie Hunt

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th Century US; Native American Historysohunt@umich.edu

  • Adam Johnson

    Adam Fulton Johnson

    Doctoral Student in History

    Modern Human Science and Social/Development Theory; United States and the World in the Long 19th Century; Cultural & Intellectual History Science and Technology Studies; Global/World/Big Historyafjhnsn@umich.edu

  • Nora Krinitsky

    Nora Krinitsky

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th Century US, Political History, Urban History, African American Historynkrinit@umich.edu

  • Pascal Massinon

    Pascal Massinon

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    US Since 1945; Political and cultural history;Media theorymassinon@umich.edu

  • Hiro_Matsusaka

    Hiroaki Matsusaka

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C US & East Asia; Race/Ethnicityhmatsu@umich.edu

  • Joshua Mound

    Joshua Mound

    Doctoral Candidate in History and Sociology

    19th/20th C US;Intellectual/Cultural;Social;Labor;Sociologymound@umich.edu

  • Davidi Orsini

    Davide Orsini

    Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology & History

    Post WWII Italy/US Military Bases/Nuclear Power/Cold War Technopolitics/ Actor Network Theorydorsini@umich.edu

  • Holly Rapp

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    19th C US; Intellectual and Cultural Historylutwitze@umich.edu

  • Andrew Rutledge

    Andrew Rutledge

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    17th/18th C Atlantic Studies; Empire, Colonialism, Tradeajrutled@umich.edu

  • David Schlitt

    David Schlitt

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    20th C US; Jewish, Labor Historydmschlit@umich.edu

  • Hillina Seife

    Hillina Seife

    Doctoral Student in History

    20th C US; African-American; Africa/Horn of Africa; Nationalism and Empirehseife@umich.edu

  • Daniela Sheinin

    Daniela Sheinin

    Doctoral Student in History

    US cultural historydsheinin@umich.edu

  • Diana Carolina Sierra Becerra

    Diana Carolina Sierra

    Doctoral Student in History & Women’s Studies

    20th C Colombia; Identity and Citizenship; Visual Culturedcsierra@umich.edu

  • Kate Silbert

    Kate Silbert

    Doctoral Candidate in History & Women’s Studies

    Early US History; Genderksilbert@umich.edu

  • Marie Stango

    Marie Stango

    Doctoral Candidate in History

    African American and African Diaspora, women and gender, 18th/19th century US and the Atlantic Worldmstango@umich.edu

  • ToniAnn Trevino

    ToniAnn Trevino

    Doctoral Student in History

    U.S.-Mexico Borderlands;Mexican American History;Immigration and Legal History;U.S.-Mexico Diplomatic Affairs; Latina/o Historytoniannt@umich.edu