History offers a highly personalized and tiered system of student advising. For short and general questions drop by the department or email Anne Berg, the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies (ADUGS).

General Advising

Faculty Advisors are available to all students. Whether you are a history major or minor , interested in becoming one or just taking advantage of the many courses we offer, you can schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor who will assist you with

  • General information about the history major and minor
  • Course selection
  • Declaration of a history major or minor 
  • Senior releases for the major or the minor
  • Choosing a faculty mentor
  • Study abroad or transfer credit approval
  • Requirements for teaching certificates (Prof. Maris Vinovskis)

Schedule your Advising Appointment today!

If you are unable to keep an appointment - kindly cancel to free up the spot for someone else.

Mentorship for Majors

In an attempt to combine the benefits of a large research institution with the personalized attention available at a small liberal arts college, the History Department offers each major access to a personal faculty mentor. Every member of the faculty serves as a mentor to students, so do not hesitate to contact members of our faculty who inspired you in their classes or work on a topic of interest to you. 

Your mentor will help you to devise an individualized program that matches your interests. Moreover, your mentor is able to approve themes and survey sequences, offer advice about course selection, direct you toward resources for career planning and brainstorm about what to do when you’ve finished your degree. Most importantly, your mentor is excited to be a partner for conversation and intellectual exchange!

If you are a history major and have not yet selected a mentor, read about the interests of our faculty and chose a person whose interest match most closely with your own. To select a faculty member as your mentor complete the mentorship form, obtain the mentor’s signature and return the form to the major drop box in the main office. Electronic copies should be emailed to academic coordinator.