Religion Minor

The History Department is the administrative home for the multidisciplinary academic minor in Religion, which students can declare beginning January 2014.  The Religion Minor is open to all undergraduates except those with a major or any other minor in the Department of History.

To declare the Religion Minor, and for all advising matters related to this academic program, schedule an appointment with a Faculty Advisor from the History Department.  The Faculty Advisors will assist students in planning the coursework for this minor, approve senior releases, and provide any other assistance necessary.

To self-monitor your progress, fill out the religion minor checklist.

The Religion Minor includes a total of six courses: History 105 plus five additional courses at the 200 level or above (at least 15 additional credits), that meet the following requirements:


Corequisite Course: HISTORY 105: Introduction to Religion.  All students in the minor program must take History 105, which is offered annually, usually during the winter semester.  The course is a corequisite, not a prerequisite, meaning that students can fulfill this requirement at any stage, but it is preferable to take History 105 as soon as possible since this survey provides the theoretical, analytical comparative framework for the minor.  Previous versions of “Introduction to Religion” taught under the History 103 rubric automatically fulfill this requirement.

Additional History Courses: Three of the remaining five courses to complete the Religion Minor must come from the approved list of History courses that count for this academic program (see below for the current list).  Approved courses from other departments that are cross-listed with History count for the “History Course” requirement.

Additional Non-History Courses: Two of the remaining five courses to complete the Religion Minor must come from the approved list of Non-History courses that count for this academic program (see below for the current list).

Comparative Requirement: The five additional courses must cover at least two of the following religious traditions--Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism--or another tradition approved by a Faculty Advisor.  (History 105 does not count for this requirement).

Upper-Level Requirement: All five additional courses must be at the 200-level or higher, and two of the five additional courses must be at the 300-level or higher.

Conditions: Three of the five additional courses must be taken in-residence at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, or must count as in-residence credit (i.e., relevant courses taken through UM-sponsored CGIS programs abroad).

AP credit: AP credits may not be used to satisfy requirements of the minor.

History Courses that count for the Religion Minor

200 Level Courses

HISTORY/MEMS 213: The Reformation

HISTORY 230 Humanities Topics in History: Angels and Demons in Early Christianity

HISTORY/AAPTIS/HJCS/JUDAIC/MENAS 244: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 

HISTORY/ASIAN/RELIGION 248: Jesus Comes to Asia

HISTORY 256/JUDAIC 265: Introduction to Jewish Law

HISTORY 269/JUDAIC/RELIGION 260: Introduction to the Talmud and the Rabbis

HISTORY/AMCULT 270: Religion in America

HISTORY/RELIGION 271/ANTHRCUL 221: Religions of Latin America

HISTORY/RELIGION 286: A History of Eastern Christianity from the 4th to the 18th Century

HISTORY 290/JUDAIC 290: Jews and Muslims


300 Level Courses and Above

HISTORY 308/ASIAN 307Eat, Pray, Love: Devotional Traditions in South Asia

HISTORY 324: Muslims in Contemporary Europe

HISTORY/RELIGION/AAPTIS 325/ASIAN 324:The History of Islam in South Asia

HISTORY 328: Humanities Topics in History: The Bible in the 19th Century

HISTORY 328: Humanities Topics in History: Ancient Judaism: Law, Religion, History

HIDSTORY 350/JUDAIC/HISTART/HJCS 323/RELIGION 324: History of Jewish Visual Culture: From Ancient Mosaics to Jew-Hop Videos

HISTORY 357: Topics in African History: Islam in Africa

HISTORY 381: Ancient Jewish History to 614 CE

HISTORY/JUDAIC/AMCULT 387: History of American Jews

HISTORY 497: History Colloquium: Crusade and Jihad

HISTORY/AAS/LACS/RELIGION 421: Religions of the African Diaspora

HISTORY 442/AAPTIS 461: The First Millennium of the Islamic Near East

HISTORY 445: Topics in History: History of Jews and Social Justice in the US

HISTORY 481: Topics in European History: Spirituality and Madness: Religious Women

HISTORY 489: The History of the Roman Catholic Church 1775-2005


Non-History Courses that count for the Religion Minor

Afroamerican and African Studies

AAS 206: Issues in African Studies: African Christianities

AAS 358: Topics in Black World Studies: Urban Religion in the African Diaspora



ANTHRCUL/RELIGION 246: Anthropology of Religion


Asian Languages and Cultures:

ASIAN 219: Warrior Saints: Introduction to Sikhism

ASIAN 220/RELIGION 202: Intro to the Study of Asian Religions

ASIAN/RELIGION 223: Krishna Speaks: Bhagavad-Gita

ASIAN/RELIGION 225: Intro to Hinduism

ASIAN/PHIL/RELIGION 230: Intro to Buddhism

ASIAN/RELIGION 231: Intro to Tibetan Buddhism

ASIAN/RELIGION 234: Buddhism and Death

ASIAN/RELIGION 272: Intro to the Study of Korean Religions

ASIAN/RELIGION 303: An Introduction to Religious Military Orders in the World

ASIAN 304/HISTART 304: The Art of Yoga

ASIAN/RELIGION 305: Religion and Violence in the Secular World

ASIAN/RELIGION 306: What is Religion?

ASIAN 325/RELIGION 323: Zen: History, Culture, and Critique

ASIAN 326: Intro to Japanese Buddhism

ASIAN 329: Violence and Nonviolence in the Buddhist Traditions of Asia 

ASIAN/PHIL/RELIGION 331: Intro to Indian Philosophy

ASIAN 333: Sacred Collectives: Nation and Religion in South Asia

ASIAN 430: Philosophy of the Sikh Gurus

ASIAN 439/HISTART 492: Himalayas: An Aesthetic Exploration

ASIAN 464: From Mystic Saints to Holy Warriors: Islam in Southeast Asia


Classical Studies:

CLCIV/RELIGION 347: Roman Religion from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity



ENGLISH 258/RELIGION 258/JUDIAC 218: The Bible as Literature

ENGLISH 398: Junior Seminar in English Studies: New English Literature in the Age of Chaucer

ENGLISH 415/WOMENSTD 414: Studies in Women and Literature: Early Women Writers

ENGLISH 449/THTREMUS 323: American Theatre and Drama: Sex and Religion in Early English Drama

ENGLISH 469: Milton


German Studies:

GERMAN 460: Islam and the West


History of Art:

HISTART/AAPTIS 285: Visual Culture Islam

HISTART 351: The Art and Poetry of Michelangelo

HISTART 355: The Miraculous and the Diabolical in Late Medieval and Early Modern European Visual Culture


Judaic Studies:

JUDAIC 205/HJCS 276: Intro to Jewish Civilizations and Culture

JUDAIC 360: A Global History of the Jews of Spain


Near Eastern Studies:

AAPTIS 262/RELIGION 204: Introduction to Islam

AAPTIS 361: Jihad in History

AAPTIS/RELIGION 363: The Qur’an and its Interpretations

AAPTIS 365: The Prophet Muhammad in Islam 

AAPTIS/RELIGION 465: Islamic Mysticism

AAPTIS 567: Readings in Classical Islamic Texts

ACABS/AAPTIS/HJCS 200/RELIGION 201: Introduction to World Religions: Near Eastern

ACABS 221/RELIGION 280: Jesus and the Gospels

ACABS 261: Ancient Egypt: Religion and Culture

ACABS 307/GREEK 307: The Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke

ACABS 323/RELIGION 350: Christianity after the New Testament: The First Six Centuries

ACABS 592: Seminar in Ancient Civilizations and Biblical Studies

HJCS/ACABS/JUDAIC/RELIGION 270: Introduction to Rabbinic Literature

HJCS 478/JUDAIC 468/RELIGION 469: Jewish Mysticism



PHIL/RELIGION 262: Intro to the Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 480: Philosophy of Religion


Political Science:

POLSCI 350/JUDAIC 451: The Politics and Culture of Modern East European Jewry


Residential College:

RCHUMS 365/RELIGION 360: Experiences of Atheism: A History of Skepticism and Unbelief from the Greco-Roman to the Modern Period



SOC/JUDAIC 410: Sociology of the American Jewish Community

SOC/RELIGION 455: Religion and Society

SOC/REEES 490/WOMENSTD 492: Women and Islam: A Sociological Perspective


Women’s Studies:

WOMENSTD/JUDAIC 376: Women and the Bible